About us

Without a doubt, to be denied a phone contract is a pretty bad experience. It is something that most people dread and which most of the times can make them feel worthless or inferior. At Flotilla Phones, we understand your pain and this explains why over the past decade we have been at the forefront of assisting as many UK citizens as possible get approved for a phone contract irrespective of how poor their credit score is. As a top tier mobile phone provider, we strongly believe that not a single person should be denied an opportunity to use and own a mobile phone.

We understand that financial difficulties are part of life and no person should be punished and denied a mobile phone simply because their credit score is in tatters. It is on the backdrop of this that we set out years ago to make a difference in the lives of bad credit individuals. We promise you approval when you apply for a bad credit mobile phone with us. Our high acceptance rates informs our high standing among UK mobile phone providers and the reason behind our unrivalled success. We always listen to our customers and are aware that our success over the years is because of nothing else other than the belief that our customers have in us. We are here because of you and our core objective is to serve you in the best way possible.