Characteristics of bad credit mobile phones

Unlike in the past when applying for a phone contract was somehow nightmarish, the emergence of no credit check mobile phones, bad credit mobile phones as well as guaranteed mobile phones has indeed changed the lives of those with inadequate credit rating. The introduction of these bad credit mobile contracts redefined the whole process of mobile phone contract approval. In fact, these phone contracts brought about a paradigm shift from an emphasis on a person’s credit score to giving everyone equal opportunities. If you are thinking of applying for bad credit mobile phones, it is important that you understand their unique features.

No credit checks

The most amazing thing about bad credit mobile phones is that applicants are not subjected to credit checks. Well, even if credit checks are done, the results do not have any bearing on the decision for approval or rejection. It is more or less done to help providers hook up an applicant with a deal in tandem with their needs.

Contract duration

The lock-in period of bad credit mobile phones is somewhat longer compared to ordinary phone contracts. The majority of UK providers offering bad credit mobile phones have set the minimum contract duration at 18 months. Of course, while this might be a disadvantage to individuals who might wish to switch, the fact that the same people got an opportunity to be approved for a phone contract indeed outweigh this disadvantage.


In situations whereby a person wishes to be approved for an expensive phone, an upfront deposit is a requirement. This might not be the case for individuals with a perfect credit score under a standard mobile phone contract. The good thing is that the deposit amount is refunded at the expiry of the contract.

Upgrade option

It is very difficult to get an upgrade under a bad credit mobile phone contract. In fact, most of the time, customers have to request for an upgrade. When this happens, the provider reviews the customer’s account and if they have been making payments timely and consistently they might qualify for an upgrade.


No doubt, bad credit mobile phones have a lot of benefits to individuals with bad credit or rather those with no credit history. It accords them an opportunity to repair their credit report or even build one from scratch. The perks under a bad credit mobile phone contract however, pale in comparison to those under ordinary mobile phone contracts!