Commonwealth Flotilla Saturday 26th July 2014

Commonwealth Flotilla

Saturday 26th July 2014

From James Watt Dock in Greenock to the centre of Glasgow at Pacific Quay, all the boats in the Commonwealth Flotilla will make the 17 nautical mile (32km) unforgettable journey to the heart of Glasgow and all the Games action.

The Commonwealth Flotilla provides people with an unforgettable way to journey to and participate in the Commonwealth Games 2014 celebration. Boating is an integral part of Scotland's history. Because we are an island, boats have been used over the centuries to earn a living, develop trade, exploration and adventures, as well as recreation.

Boats are still an important part of the economy of Scotland today – from the fishing industry to shipping, transport from mainland to islands, to recreational activities and sport – and through this event we have drawn communities together.

Let's celebrate Scotland's culture and heritage through our strong connection with water and boats.

Outline Information

The following times are approximate.

DatePlace NameInfo
Sat 26th July 09:00James Watt DockBoats participating in the Flotilla start to leave James Watt Dock, and gather in the Clyde into their Flotilla groups
Sat 26th July 09:50Downriver from James Watt DockBoats to head downriver, staying to south side of channel between Garvel and No.8, then turning and all proceed up river towards Glasgow.
Sat 26th July 10:00Official Flotilla startView the Flotilla from the spectator site at the Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock. River closed to other traffic.
Sat 26th July 12:00Lead boats pass Erskine Bridge
Sat 26th July 12:20Lead boats pass Clydebank
Sat 26th July 12:50Lead boats pass Braehead
Sat 26th July 13:00Leading boats in Flotilla arrive in Glasgow, berth in Pacific QuayView the Flotilla finale from the spectator site at the Riverside Museum, Glasgow
Sat 26th July 14:00Last boats in the Flotilla arrive in GlasgowBerth in Pacific Quay. River re-opens to all traffic.
Places of interest
Place NameInformation
BBC at the QuayLive entertainment festival during the Commonwealth Games, over 70 BBC shows from across the UK, including an outdoor music stage, a 400-seater covered venue, an interactive children’s learning and family zone, a Big Screen for visitors to enjoy the BBC coverage of the Commonwealth Games with refreshments available throughout.


Glasgow Science CentreThe Centre is home to hundreds of interactive exhibits from BodyWorks, Be Creative and Be Innovative zones to the literally revolutionary Glasgow Tower, the world's only fully rotating building


Dumbarton CastleDumbarton was the centre of the ancient kingdom of Strathclyde from the 5th century until 1018. Impressively situated on a volcanic rock overlooking the Firth of Clyde, it was an important royal refuge. The stunning views – from the White Tower Crag, one can see for miles, including the peak of Ben Lomond.


Titan CraneOpen every Saturday and Sunday until 28th September 2014 Opened to the public in 2007, the Titan Crane at Clydebank is one of the world’s oldest cantilever cranes. It is all that remains of the once world famous John Brown shipyard, where battleships, including HMS Hood, and luxury passenger liners, including QSS Lusitania and QSS Queen Mary, were built. Visitors can take the lift 150 feet to the top of this iconic A’ listed structure and relive Clydebank’s proud shipbuilding past, whilst admiring the magnificent views down the Clyde. Bungee jumping optional! 0141 952 3771