Are you sure that my credit score status has no bearing on my approval?

When we say that we don’t run credit checks, we mean just that. In other words, the state of your credit rating does not in any way influence the decision to approve or reject your application. In any case, our bad credit mobile phones are specifically tailor made for individuals with a history of CCJ’s, defaults as well as arrears.

Can I get a bad credit mobile phone contract of 12 months?

No. As per our policy, all our bad credit mobile phone contracts run for a minimum period of 18 months. What this specifically means is that the minimum period you can be locked into the contract is 18 months. However, there are no caps on the maximum period. You are free to decide the maximum contract length if you so wish.

How does a short or long contract length affect my monthly payments under bad credit mobile phones?

Simply put, the shorter the contract length, the higher the amount of money you end up repaying monthly. Conversely, the longer the contract, the lower the amount of money you are obligated to pay monthly. The only downside with committing for a long contract period is that switching to a different provider becomes a bit tricky.

Is it possible to apply for the latest released iPhone or Samsung galaxy phone under bad credit mobile phones?

Basically, we have no limitation on the type of phone you can apply for under bad credit mobile phones. However, the more expensive a handset is, the more we are likely to ask you to pay an upfront deposit before you can be approved. Latest release mobile phones are very expensive and therefore pose a great risk to us. As such, in order to mitigate the risks, we require that our esteemed customers pay a small sum as deposit up front before we can consider their application for the latest release of an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Is the money I pay upfront refundable?

You can rest assured that the amount of money you place at the beginning of the contract is simply a security measure and does not belong to us. At the expiry of the contract, you are entitled to this amount of money provided that your account is good and has no arrears.

What are your policies before a person can qualify for an upgrade?

It is imperative to note that the fact that you qualify for a bad credit mobile phone deal is not cast in stone. If you prove to be a loyal customer who always pays their monthly obligations without defaulting, your account will come up for review and you will qualify for an upgrade.

Do I need a guarantor to qualify for bad credit mobile phones?

You do not need any guarantor to be considered or qualify for a bad credit mobile phone. Considering the fact that your credit score has no bearing on the decision to approve or reject your application, a guarantor is not needed. You simply need to be a UK citizen who is of sound mind, of legal age, in employment and you are good to go.

Does a bad credit mobile phone have any impact on my credit score in the long run?

Well, the impact could be either negative or positive depending on how you handle the contract. Timely repayments without defaults will have the impact of gradually improving your credit score over time. In other words, bad credit mobile phones give you the perfect opportunity to repair your credit report. On the other hand, defaulting every now and then could actually lead to your credit score worsening. You wouldn’t want this especially if you already have a poor credit rating.