Who really needs to apply for bad credit mobile phones?

Mention the term bad credit mobile phones and you are likely to get sneers and jeers from individuals with a perfect credit score. To them, they simply can’t understand why a person should go for a bad credit mobile phone. They are probably used to the good life, live the ultimate dream and have lots of money to purchase what they want when they want it. However, this is not to say that everyone with a good credit score is stinking rich. On the contrary, having a good credit rating is all about financial prudence.

That said, the reality of the matter is that scores of UK citizens struggle with a poor credit rating. To this group of individuals, the struggle is real especially when they can’t get considered for a simple phone contract or even a loan facility when they badly need it. The unveiling of bad credit mobile phones was therefore a welcome relief to them. It provided a perfect avenue to gradually repair their credit report.

Well, anyone can apply for a bad credit mobile phone no doubt. However, we all can agree to the fact that there are a clique of individuals who will benefit more from a bad credit mobile phone.

UK Individuals with a history of defaults, arrears as well as court county Judgement (CCJ)

Unless you live in mars, it goes without saying that individuals with a history of CCJ, defaults or even arrears find the going tough whenever they set out to be considered for a phone contract. In fact, standard mobile phone providers take one glance at their applications and throw them into the trash can. To be approved, they require a guarantor or to part with a substantial deposit as security. That is not the case with bad credit mobile phones. In the absence of credit checks, bad credit mobile phones have indeed changed the landscape in the mobile phone contracting industry. Those with bad credit rating or rather less than average credit score have found homage in bad credit mobile phones. They can confidently apply and be assured of approval without breaking a sweat!

UK individuals seeking to repair their credit report

The second class of individuals that really need to apply for bad credit mobile phones are those that are keen on repairing their credit report. You see, when you have been blacklisted or rather your credit report is nothing to write home about, getting approved for a phone contract or even a standard loan can become a daunting task. Most likely, you will be facing one rejection after the other. With a bad credit mobile phone, you don’t have to worry about your credit rating. Approval is almost guaranteed and all you need to do is to be diligent in making repayments without fail every month. Over time, credit reference bureaus will note the timely repayments in your credit report and therefore you can rest assured that your credit score will improve over time.

UK individuals with no credit history

If you thought that having no credit history to your name is a good thing you couldn’t have been more wrong. Financial lenders, as well as mobile phone providers, are weary of doing business with individuals without a prior credit history. Given bad credit mobile phones pay little attention to that, they are the best option for those with no credit history to their name.

There you have it! If you have been wondering who are most suitable to apply for a bad credit mobile phone, wonder no more.